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Multipurpose Cleansing Wipe

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0.5 oz / 15 g

An on-the-go cleansing wipe that immediately refreshes plus balances skin, body and mind. Contains Beyonderway Essential Oil Blend No 2, a refreshing combination of Coriander, Pinyon Pine, Bergamot Mint and Lavender.

Organically Farmed, Responsibly Sourced Active Botanicals: Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extract, Lactobacillus, Ferment Oat Instantly cleanses face and body balances skin microbiome.

Reinvigorates senses. Refreshes body and mind.Feel balanced, clean, and energized with one simple swipe. With an invigorating scent and all-natural ingredients, Multipurpose Face & Body Cleansing Wipe is the perfect way to keep you feeling your best. This is the perfect replacement of an hand sanitizer! 

The perfect way to stay clean and energized, wherever life takes you. Enjoy a refreshing and all-natural cleanse that will keep you feeling balanced and ready to take on any and all challenges.

Individually Wrapped / Fully Biodegradable


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dr Ilze Hicks/Alexandra Richey
So rejuvenating

I love using this while at the beach, post workout
And after a long walk in my forest.
My skin feels clean, fresh and rejuvenated.
The best smell too!


The best multipurpose cleaning wipe leaving the skin moisturizing

Victoria de La Fuente
My new travel bestie

The only wipes I’ve tried that don’t smell like alcohol and leave your skin dry. A must for anyone on the go with all the bacteria around these days

Nicole Saul
So fresh and so clean

The wipes are perfection. I teach fitness and use these wipes in between sessions to keep feeling and smelling fresh. Highly recommend!

Must item

I carry the wipe instead of hand sanitizer! It cleanse and moisture at the same !