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We’re making it easier than ever to care for your skin, body and mind
We’ve always believed that skin and body care IS selfcare - and that there is an innate connection between skin, body and mind wellbeing. Inspired by the mind-body healing powers of essential oils and aromatherapy, we created a line of products that help you feel better on every level, from surface to soul.
Made fora modern, on-the-go lifestyle Beyonderway helps reset, rebalance, and reenergize - whenever, wherever.


Bound to NYC and the American heartland, we pledge to support the city that keeps us inspired as a global creative hub - the place where our products are conceptualized.

Our Story

Korean heritage, French modern invention, American luxury.

When our founder Jean Colin found herself spending the majority of her time on an airplane traveling from business meetings to corporate events for Chanel, LVMH, and Samsung, life was professionally exhilarating and emotionally stressful. Monday meant hosting market week appointments in Paris; Friday was for finalizing distribution deals in Seoul.
Constant, frenetic movement from travel to real life helped Jean realize that moments between destinations, whether spent on a plane or on the way to the office, deserve to be elevated. And to truly live for those moments, from home to hotel, she saw an opportunity to enhance the everyday.
A too-busy schedule and living out of a suitcase had already pushed her to find tools that could bring a level of care beyond the surface—aka to look her best and feel her best: One self-assembled kit of essential oils Jean gathered from around the world turned into a mood-boosting kit for skin and mind. Suddenly, a ritual of relaxation had the power to relieve stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, jet lag.
Soon, she dropped corporate life to study Aromatherapy and enrolled at the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, where she discovered the science behind aromatherapy and its healing, restorative properties.
Now, Jean has designed what was missing from the beauty market she knows so well: A neurocosmetic, holistic skincare line infused with universally attractive scents (because they’re good for your brain).
Our minimalistic collection is total care that moves with you from task to terminal.
High levels of happiness for every routine.
Light lift for your carryon baggage.
Low impact on our environment.
Today, meet Beyonderway.

Our Ingredients

Clean, safe + organic botanicals

We believe in enhancing the way you look and feel—as you are.
We painstakingly choose every ingredient in our formulas to ensure they are clean, safe and effective.
We work with aromatherapy experts to create proprietary essential oil blends unique to Beyonderway.
We prioritize the use of ingredients that have been grown and harvested organically, sustainably, responsibly and fairly. The majority are certified organic and readily renewable.
We never use parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or synthetic dyes.


Recycled & Recyclable Materials

We believe in a conscious ritual from beginning to end with sustainable formulas + design. Our packaging is made with recycled, recyclable materials (like aluminum and hemp) that can be mindfully discarded. Our pumps and misters are easily reused, minimizing waste.